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Autumn Clock Screensaver

Install this remarkable screensaver with analog clock at the center of each scene
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4 May 2014

Editor's review

In course of our day to day lives we tend to shorten our leisure time. A lot of us simply do not get the time to out and enjoy nature in its glory and end up spending countless hours near a computer screen. However you can still sneak in some moments of solitude and peace by installing the Autumn Clock Screensaver 2.0 in your system. This creative screensaver showcases a very prominent clock that displays the passage of time as autumn sceneries’ flow across in the background.

The Autumn Clock Screensaver 2.0 showcases a village situated near a moor in the autumn season. You can visualize huts in the background while cattle seam to graze away at a leisurely pace. There are trees that have started loosing their leaves and they contrast delicately against a balmy noon sky where clouds appear in the horizon. You get to see a smarting of animal life with horses and sheep moving around in their own pace while grazing up the grass on the scenic meadow. Moreover there are birds too that appear to fly across your screen and you can even spot the odd owl too. In some scenes you will find a small stream meandering across the landscape and a little wooden bridge lying over it. A keen observer would be able to spot ducks swimming in the stream in full glory.

In midst of this all a massive clock remains in front of you reminding that the time flows by even when autumn holds its lazy sway. The sound score is apt and goes with the overall subtle theme of the screensaver.

Owing its mesmerizing autumn scenes and neat graphics the Autumn Clock Screensaver 2.0 earns a score of three rating stars. Its combination of time flow and nature can give a poignant reminder to you on important things in life.

Publisher's description

Install this remarkable screensaver with analog clock at the center of each scene. And enjoy splendid views of autumn scenery. Flowers are blooming, some islands of grass are still green, but autumn is coming... Small cloud obscures the sun and the weather immediatly becomes gray and rainy. Everyone feels the autumn. But we have a pleasant thing for you. It is autumn clock! And of course natural animated characters are presented in our clock screensaver: whack, birds, owl, horses, cow and sheep grazing in the meadow. We hope you will feel a little more happier with our free autumn clock screensaver!
Autumn Clock Screensaver
Autumn Clock Screensaver
Version 2.0
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